Getting back to Family

By: Patrick Hawkins Jr.

Times sure have changed in America especially for families in the midst of this pandemic. As frontline workers take on the challenges of the virus, and families take heed and shelter in place to keep themselves and families healthy. We have to wonder what piece of the puzzle we have been missing.

As a teacher in the city of Atlanta. I have had the pleasure to relax and enjoy the world of online learning and connecting with my students one on one. It comes with its own set of challenges, but I have enjoyed working from home. One thing that struck me while I have been working was how close my family and I have grown since the Covid-19 pandemic. I have seen my family more in the past two months, than I have seen in the past two years, and family is something that I appreciate and honor.

Let’s talk about it; family. This is that piece of the puzzle we have been missing in America for so long. Think about it, what do most families do throughout the day. Children go to school, and parents go to work. They come home, finish homework, make dinner, and then go to sleep. That’s the life families have had for many years, and they call that the “American Dream.”

If we look at it today, the American Dream is more of a reality today than it has been in the past. Yes, families have been low on income and out of work, but think about all we’ve gained. When was the last time you had quality time with your family at home? Most people can’t remember.

So while we are at home with family, we need to work on getting back to why we had families in the first place. Get to know your children while they are home. What are their likes, dislikes, and learn about what they want to be when they grow up. Mothers and fathers remember why you got together or married. You shared a bond, and this bond has been stretched because of obligations that we all have. What I am saying is this bond can be returned to its original state if we take this opportunity to allow our minds and hearts to rekindle those relationships. Enjoy this time because this time is not going to last forever so make family count.

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