Patrick Hawkins Jr.

Owner/Founder Hawkins Learning, Atlanta, GA


Patrick Hawkins is the Owner and Operator of Hawkins Learning. Hawkins Learning is a platform for teachers, parents, and students to have a voice and share their thoughts and feelings about education. Patrick Hawkins also started The Reading Nest which was a podcast for children, but then switched to a YouTube channel that highlights children’s books written by African American authors. He is currently a Special Education Teacher at Utopian Academy for the Arts in Clayton County. . He has been teaching since 2009 in various educational sectors. Mr. Hawkins graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Drama Education from Piedmont College. He also attended Kennesaw State University with a Master’s in Teacher Leadership. While working over the past 10 years he has been certified in Drama Education, Teacher Leadership, and Special Education. Mr. Hawkins is an advocate for students and parents especially families that have students with Special Needs. He has committed himself to his work in the education field. He is a teacher member of the organization GeorgiaCan and has been featured in the Huffington Post.  Currently Mr. Hawkins is working on his first book and his first children’s book. Patrick Hawkins resides in Atlanta, GA.


You can follow Mr. Patrick Hawkins on Instagram @hawkinslearning, Facebook @hawkinslearning, and Twitter @hawkinslearning.